BSO Juego de tronos. Temporada 2

Compuesta por: Ramin Djawadi
1. Main Title
2. The Throne Is Mine
3. What Is Dead May Never Die
4. Warrior Of Light
5. Valar Morghulis
6. Winterfell
7. Qarth
8. Wildfire
9. I Am Hers, She Is Mine
10. Pyat Pree
11. Don't Die With A Clean Sword
12. We Are The Watchers On The Wall
13. Pay The Iron Price
14. One More Drink Before The War
15. House Of The Undying
16. Stand And Fight
17. The Old Gods And The New
18. Mother Of Dragons
19. I Will Keep Ypu Safe
20. The Rains Of Castamere - The National
21. Three Blasts

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